Repairing a Supatap - Guide to Repairing a Supatap Including Replacing the Jumper and Washer

Summary: Repairing a Supatap and how a Supatap works. Find out what a Supatap is and how it has benefits over other taps that allow you to repair them without the need to turn the water off. Learn about the components that make up a Supatap and how to take them apart and re-assemble the tap once you have repaired it.

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These are a relatively new invention and they essentially remove the need to turn off the water before repairing a supatap.

Loosen Lock Nut And Drop The Check Valve

There is a check valve inside the tap, which, if you hold the handle in one hand, and loosen the lock nut above it, will drop down and stop the flow of water once the handle is removed.

loosen the lock nut that covers the nozzle of the tap

loosen the lock nut that covers the nozzle

Tap Out The Flow Straightener

A "flow straightener" will be visible at the end of the handle and this can be tapped out gently and sometimes they can even be pushed out. The washer and jumper are at the end of this flow straightener, and they can be replaced easily.

Gently tap out flow straightener from tap

Gently tap out flow straightener from tap

Components of a supatap

Components of a supatap

Locate Replacement Jumper And Washer

For all plumbing repairs around the home it is a good idea to have a collection of washers etc. Most plumbers merchants will sell a repair kit which contains any number of different washers, o rings, seals and diaphragms.

If you have one of these reapir kits then have a look through and try and find an exact match for the washer and jumper. Make sure any replacements are an exact match in both diameter and thickness as any variation could cause further leaks and other issues.

If you are unable to find an exact match then take the jumper and washer down to your local plumbers merchant and ask them to find an exact match or direct replacement for the components. You could also try your local DIY store but as these types of tap tend to be a little more specialist than your average single or mixer tap then you will probably have more luck with at the merchants.

Selection of various washers

Selection of various washers

Re-Assemble The Supatap

Once you have your replacement components re-assemble the supatap using the reverse process outlined above for taking it apart. Insert the flow straightener back into the tap and insert and screw up the lock nut. Now check that all is working as it should do. If all is ok and working as it should you have now mastered repairing a supatap.

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