Space Invaders and Arcade Machines - A Brief History of the First Space Invaders Machines and Games

Summary: Space Invaders and arcade machines. How to choose and identify an original space invader machine from later versions. We will cover a little about the history and origins of these iconic games.

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We have noticed over the last year the rising interest in arcade games which are used as cocktail or coffee tables indoors.Our Space Invaders project is a bit of fun to help you find out a little more about this classic game.

Space Invaders upright machine

Traditional space invader archade machine

Space Invaders is by far the favourite as this was the Daddy of all games becoming the most popular arcade game in the UK shortly after its invention in 1978/79.

Space Invaders screen

Space invaders video game

Space Invader machines were initially made by the Japanese company Taito. Taito however considerably underestimated the demand for their machines and did not have the resources available for production and distribution to America.

To overcome this, Taito licensed Space Invaders production to another games company who were able to sell the machine in the US. They also sold machines in the UK which explains why there is a mixture of Taito and Medway machines in this Country.

Taito struggled to cope with demand for machines in the UK and it is now rare to find a machine in the UK with Japanese artwork as Taito could not get the machines over quickly enough!

Space Invader machines still abound in the UK. Most are in the type of used condition you would expect from a machine that started life in a very busy way as the new centre piece of the local pub. Pristine machines are rare and sell for quite a lot of money; however there are now Companies who specialise in retro furniture including Space Invader machines.

Coffee table and Cocktail table Space Invader Machines

Coffee table and Cocktail table Space Invader Machines

If it is an original machine you are after, do not be fooled into buying a Space Invaders 2 which some sellers simply list as Space Invaders. Medway called some of their part 2 machine Space Invaders Deluxe, so watch out for them. There is nothing the matter with the second generation of machines, but they are not the originals.

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