Stair Building - How to Build a Timber Staircase

Summary: This project shows you how a staircase is built and also recommends some great guides to stair builders. There are graphic guides to building Open or Cut String timber stairs and a guide to building Closed String timber staircases. Understand how a timber stair case in made with these clear and simple info-graphics.

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Open or cut string construction Closed string construction

For further information we cannot recommend the books below highly enough.  With low cost and quick delivery, these will enable you to complete your current project.


Book from Amazon This guide to building custom staircases, including elliptical stairs and continuous incline stairs, explains the tangent principle for the advanced woodworker. Covering everything from locating risers in a curved stairway to the installation of balusters, this simple method enables the craftsperson to make distinctive, personalized stair and handrail designs that are not available from stock staircase companies.


Basic Stair building

Practical, step-by-step instructions, supported by illustrations and diagrams for building three basic staircases, together with suggestions for choosing best design to fit available space.


Books from Aamzon Modern Practical Stairbuilding and Handrailing: For the Use of Workmen, Builders, Architects, and Others
Books from Amazon Modern Practical Stairbuilding and Handrailing 

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Check out our video section relating to stairs and watch a short film of a "carpentry tip" which shows a stair measuring device.

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