Steel Baths - What is a Steel Bath and What are their Benefits

Summary: What is a steel bath and what their benefits are over other types of bath. Understand why steels baths might be right for your bathroom. This project includes information about steel shower baths.

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Steel baths are pressed, or formed, from a sheet of steel. After the shape has been pressed out the bath is taken through a cleaning process to make sure the surface is absolutely spotless as it needs to be before an enamel coating can be applied. A vitreous (of or of the nature of, glass) porcelain enamel coating is then sprayed onto the steel and the whole thing is fired in a huge kiln to give an enormously strong chemical bond between the steel and the enamel.

Steel bath

Porcelain enamel is the most durable, highest quality and sanitary finish available for metal surfaces. It gives a finish which is smooth and even, is resistant to chipping and scratches, resistant to most chemicals and fade proof. It gives these qualities to steel baths which in themselves are easy to install (as they are formed in one piece with no cradle of frame) and capable of supporting heavy weights. They will not move about as much as acrylic baths and have extremely good rigidity.

Steel baths are usually rectangular in shape and come in a wide variety of sizes. They are generally suited to the installation of all types of bath panel.

Adjustable feet are built into the section of the steel bath and the threads on the feet allow for maximum adjustment. It is important when installing a bath that it is fitted 100% level. Sttel Bath section




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