My Toilet Leaks - How to Solve Close Coupled Toilet Cistern Leaks

Summary: Why a close coupled toilet cistern leaks and how you can stop it. This is a project to help you fit your close coupling toilet and stop it leaking when it flushes.

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Many people these days are fitting close coupled toilets as a replacement for low level suites. This is a problem in itself as the two types of toilet suite are very rarely interchangeable. To see how to get over this problem go to our project on changing toilets.

The next problem a lot of people encounter is that, the first time they flush a newly fitted close coupled toilet cistern, it leaks. This is such a common problem and 99% of the time the answer is the same. The cistern needs to be fitted at exactly 90 degrees to the toilet pan. This allows the large rubber ring washer, or doughnut as it is called, to be squashed flat between the two parts of the toilet. If the cistern is leaning over, even a little, one side of the doughnut lifts and, with a lot of water pressure, the leak is exposed.

If necessary box out the back of the cistern wall to make sure the unit is square.

Close coupled toilet cistern unit

Close coupled toilet cistern unit

The close coupling kit below shows the doughnut and the fixing bracket underneath. Make sure, having sat the doughnut on square, that you tighten the bracket nuts equally otherwise you will get the same problem.

Close coupling toilet cistern kit

Close coupling toilet cistern kit

Have to a look at our video sections on repairing leaks in bathrooms and also our toilets video section for additional information on leaks and repairs.

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