Fixing a large TV bracket to the wall

Summary: How to fix a tv bracket for large televisions to the wall. This project covers 40 inch to 50 inch televisions.

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Modern flat screen, digital televisions all have the facility for wall bracket fixing. The larger the television, the larger the wall bracket.

Brackets come as fixed, twist and turn or twist, tilt and turn. For televisions over 40 inches the bracket is fairly heavy duty (not to mention very expensive) and therefore requires some heavy duty fixings.

Every TV bracket for TVs over 40 inches comes with the side brackets which actually fix to the television. Today's TVs are made with the screw holes in place to receive these side brackets but as there are many different types we have not shown this in full here as it may confuse. Suffice to say that, when the side brackets are fixed to the television, the TV then slots onto the main wall bracket.

Coach bolts for fixing TV bracketsTo hang our bracket we have used 70mm wall bolts with the associated wall plugs. The holes needed were 12mm but you should never try to drill this size hole without first drilling a smaller, pilot hole.

As you can see from the image (right) we have used a 6mm drill for the pilot, then followed with the 12mm. First place the Drill bits ready to drill for bolt holesbracket on the wall at the chosen height and mark the hole position.

The image shows one bolt already in the wall and the two drill bits on display.

The bracket (seen below) is heavy so fixing one coachscrew in position first allows you to "hang" the bracket on it while you mark and drill the other holes.

Fully fixed 42 inch television bracketAs you can see the bracket has slots, rather than holes, for the fixings. This gives you plenty of play from side to side but the really important thing is to get the bracket level.

Even if the bracket is slightly out of level, when the TV is sitting on the wall it will stick out like a sore thumb.

The more expensive brackets have a built in bubble to check the level as you fix the bracket to the wall but we never trust them and always double check with a spirit level.

It is as well to place the spirit level on the top runner as well as the main part of the wall bracket as this can often be slightly out of square with the bracket.

When the holes are drilled and the bolts are in place you are ready to tighten up on them using a socket set. The images below show you the next steps.

Using a socket spanner to tighten the coach bolt Top bracket of TV slotted over top runner of wall bracket.Bottom guide bracket of TV screwing up into bottom runner

The side brackets which you have fixed to the television will now hook over the top runner of the wall bracket. The TV is then lowered down onto the bottom runner and a guide screw is tightened to stop the TV from accidentally being knocked off. The top and bottom runners have stops on them to stop the TV sliding off the end.

Completed fixing and tv hanging on bracket

Once the TV is in position on the bracket it can be slid to one side or the other and the bracket will allow you to face the tv at any number of angels.

When the TV is fairly high on the wall you may need to adjust the swivels at the side to get the tv to face angle down a little.

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