Using a Glue Gun: When and How a Glue Gun should be Used

Summary: How to use a Glue Gun effectively and safely as an inexpensive and simple method of bonding materials. Understand which material can be joined with a glue gun and how you should use one to best effect. Follow these tips for using hot melt adhesives safely, as this form of bonding is sometimes called.

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A glue gun is a gun that uses a heating element within to melt a solid glue stick (Hot melt adhesive) to deliver amounts of glue to immediate positions.

Glue gun

Glue gun

Glue guns come in two different formats, High temperature (hot melt version) and Low temperature. Dual option guns are available. Low temp glue guns are more suitable for more delicate items such cloth / materials.

Glue sticks are manufactured in many sizes (different glue stick diameters) for all types of glue guns.The most common used is 11mm. You can also get dual purpose glue sticks that work hot and lower temperatures. For domestic use there are only a few types of glue sticks available. As you venture into the commercial market the options increase.

Before using your Glue Gun you should always follow set procedures to get the best from your Glue gun.

Glue sticks for use in a glue gun

Glue gun sticks

  • Always allow your gun to warm up before use; this normally takes about 5-8 minutes
  • Always keep your gun in an upright position when not being used. If not being re-used immediately turn off device
  • Remove excess glue from your Glue Gun when you have finished your immediate work

Remember you are using a heated device so when cleaning or possibly touching the hot glue wear protective hand gloves. Glue is painful to remove from your skin!

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