Using a Wallpaper Stripper - How to Use Wallpaper Steam Strippers to Remove Wallpaper

Summary: How to use a steam Wallpaper Stripper safely and with confidence. In this guide you will find out about steam wallpaper strippers, how they work to create steam and apply it to your walls and how you can use one to strip wallpaper easily. Also find out how to use them in the most efficient way and also how to use wallpaper strippers safely.

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Stripping wall paper from walls and ceilings was once a long and boring procedure. Now we have access to more modern ways of removing these forms of pasted paper with the use of steam wallpaper strippers.

Steam Stripping devices are very simple tools which use steam to brake down the paste which adheres the paper to the wall / ceiling.

Basic level wallpaper steamer

Basic level wallpaper steamer

They are simply a glorified kettle producing steam which is delivered by a flexible heat protective hose to a large panel applicator which will then steam an area of your wall / ceiling.

It's important to remember that you are working with ‘Steam’. It will burn you if not given the greatest of respect.

These devices are made of a light weight heat protective plastic. The main water containing unit has a heating element within and a pressure release valve so that if it overheats and too much steam is produced for the storage unit to hold, the pressure is released.

When purchasing your Wallpaper Steamer it is always worth considering how much and how often you are going to be using it. You don’t want to be filling it up with water all the time so consider one with a large water storage unit. This will keep you working for longer periods, therefore being more cost effective..

Some models come with a heat cut off trigger switch, which will cut off the power supply to the heating element if the device gets to hot and dangerous to use in a safe way.

Mid range wallpaper stripper

Mid range wallpaper stripper

When using a Wallpaper Stripper it is advisable to perforate the existing wallpaper to allow the steam to get behind the existing paper to make the removal process quicker. You can buy purpose made tools to do this or simply use a sharp blade and score the surface of the wall / ceiling paper.

Always keep your Steamer clean as old glue residue and paper will accumulate on your delivery paddle making the whole process dirty and wasting your steam and could block your steam delivery hose.

As always with machinery that creates debris and has very hot handling components DIY doctor always recommend the use of gloves, dust masks and eye protection.

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