Using a Wrecking Bar

Summary: When to use a Wrecking Bar and how to use it safely

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Wrecking Bars have many names most are regional influenced names, but usually called crowbar, jimmy, pry bar or as listed above, wrecking bar.

Using a wrecking bar or crowbar for demolitionA Wrecking Bar is a heavy metal device with one end flattened, split to create a ‘V’ for pulling nails from objects and curved so can be used in a lever action.

The other end is machined into a chisel shape to be used for prying items apart again with the action of levering. This end can also be driven in by using a hammer on the small flat place on the crook of the bend in the wrecking bar.

Wrecking Bars normally come in sizes that range from 12” – 48” and made out of machined hexagon shaped metal rod which increases its strength / rigidity when being used.

Bars are now being produced in bright colours so can be seen or found in a working situation as these tools are normally related to a demolition situation of work where there will be a lot of debris.

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As always at DIY Doctor we always recommend the use of safety and protective gloves, dust masks and eye protection.

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