Using Cable Ties

Summary: How to use cable ties (or zip ties) in a variety of useful ways.

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Cable management is just one use for cable ties and these versatile pieces of equipment warrant a page all on their own to describe the multiple uses they can be put to.

Nylon cable tieCable tie base for fixing muliple cable tiesColoured cable tiesMarker ties Printed security cable tiesVelcro ties

The images above show just a few varieties of cable tie. More are described below:

A normal, nylon cable tie. Usually used for tying bundles of cables together but can also be used for securing cables to poles or other equipment as well as tying wires and cables to the frames of bicycles or unruly plants to garden fences.

The cable tie back plate for fixing multiple ties to one solid frame. The frame, or back plate is fixed to a surface and the ties are simple slotted in and connected. This keeps all wiring jobs very neat and tidy and makes alterations to the system very easy indeed. For individual strips or cable runs, a cable tie cradle can be used. See the images below.

Coloured ties are incredibly useful for grouping together different items to be able to single them out easily. We have used these ties as office key rings to identify different sets of keys easily.

Marker ties have so many uses there just is not room to mention them all here. From rose bushes to sandwiches there is nothing that cannot be identified with a marker tie.

Printed cable ties do not require any imagination to work out the number of uses. These ties can be printed with names or numbers (or both) for easy identification. These are known as security ties and can be made to order by clicking on the link.

Finally (at least as far as the images above are concerned) there is the >velcro cable tie. These ties are re-usable and with a 150mm (6 inch) strap can also be used for a variety of jobs. Velcro ties are very useful for computer and other data-cables as they will not crush the cables and cause damage. At only £18.00 (plus VAT & delivery) they are very cost effective indeed.

Other cable ties include, rust proof stainless steel ties which are ideal for strapping items which need protection from chemicals or salt water. Eyelet cable ties allow the cable tie to be fastened and then a label can be tied to an eyelet within the cable tie. It also allows you to screw the cable ties to a surface, through the eyelet, before tying the cables.

Cable tie gun tesioning tool.Releasable cable ties are available adding a new dimension to cable ties and all of the above can be used a little more easily, and quickly, by using a cable tie gun. This gun is a cable tie tensioning tool, is made of metal and, quite simply, will save you hours!

Masonry mounts for fixing cable ties to walls etc.For training plants up a wall, or outside power cables over a porch, you could not make life easier than by using these little beauties into 7mm holes. Push them in then fix your tie. We would love to shake hands with the genius who invented these!

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