Washing Machines - Choosing a Washing Machine That is Right For You

Summary: Buying a washing machine or washer dryer. In this guide you will find tips and advice on choosing a washing machine and how to buy the right washing machine for you. Find out about front loading machines, top loading machines, washer dryers and also about the Eurolabel energy ratings of the various machines available on the market today and what this means.

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This project guide deals with choosing a washing machine and making the right choices when buying a washing machine. Do I need a separate tumble dryer? How do I buy integrated units? What does the energy rating mean? The answers to some of the questions you may have are below:

Choosing a Washing Machine

How often do you use a machine? There is little point in buying a machine costing a thousand pounds if you only use it every two weeks. Ask yourself the following questions in order to get the best idea of what you need. Will it fit the space I have for it? Do I need a front loader or a top loader, How much can I afford? The choice should be based on the answers to your questions, not what the sales person tells you is a bargain!

Front loading washing machine

Modern front loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine

Top loading washing machine - image courtesy of 215laundry.com

A front loading machine is designed to fit under a worktop or even form part of the work surface itself so it is usually a space saver. Generally a front loader will handle more washing than a top loader.

Modern washer dryer

Modern washer dryer

Look also for the different programmes available from a washing machine. Various brands and models offer differing programmes. Choose the ones to suit your lifestyle. They include; An automatic programme which works out the water needed and the length of wash according to the load you have put in. Easy iron options which should induce less wrinkles in the clothes. Timed starting to make use of Economy 7 electricity. Short wash cycles. Programs for delicate clothes etc.

Eurolabel Energy Rating for Washing Machines

All washing machines are given Eurolabel grades for performance. They run from A = Best, to G with E being an average machine. This does not mean that F & G are rubbish, just that they will not give you the best deal in energy efficiency, electrical and water consumption. An AAA grade machine will give you the very best of everything but as you would expect, you will have to pay a little more for it.

Modern washer dryer

Washing machine energy rating - image courtesy of The Energy Saving Trust

Check out our video section on installing a washing machine to watch a short film on washing machine installation.

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