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Tool Hire and Plant Hire for DIY and Home Improvement Work

Using DIY Doctor’s award winning Hire Service you can book, pay for and arrange delivery and collection of over 2000 hire products.

Working in association with Hire Station, we are able to bring you a wide range of products at great prices. You can hire tools online, over the phone or in any Hire Station branch. To get the best rates you should create an account. We have negotiated with Hire Station to get DIY Doctor customers the best possible service at the keenest prices.

Tool hire excellence awards
Tool hire excellence awards

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Tool hire excellence awards

Why Hire Tools and Equipment for DIY?

There could be many different reasons why you might need to hire tools or plant equipment. Most people have a power drill or cordless drill/driver handy for drilling holes and screwing in screws but if you need to dig a trench in your garden for some new drainage you may not be lucky enough to have a mini digger or dumper lying around to help you out so in this instance, hiring these items is what you need to do.

On the counter side of this argument you may decide it makes more long term financial sense to buy a ladder so that not only do you have one readily available when you next need to clear gutters you have them for any other jobs that involve working at height and the. If used quite regularly, the cost of hiring each time will eventually out-weigh the expense of actually buying them.

In this case, and the case of many other tools and products we have you covered. The solution comes in the form of our DIY Superstore where we stock every tool and DIY product you could ever need.

Going back to our original scenario of digging drainage, it's all very well buying a hammer or set of ladders, but laying out £30,000 on a mini digger that you'll use once is, quite frankly, ridiculous and this is where tool hire services come into their own. For those one-off jobs that require specialist equipment that you could never justify buying.

To summarize why hiring tools is a good idea:

  • Hiring a tool can be much cheaper than buying a tool you may only use once
  • You can hire tools for as long or short a period as you need them
  • Hire tools and plant equipment is regularly serviced and kept in tip-top condition
  • Full instructions included with all hire tools and equipment
  • Saves wear and tear on your own hand tools and power tools
Tool hire excellence awards

Hire Tools and Health and Safety

There is always an inherent danger when hiring tools, especially large items such as plant equipment.

Picture this - You have never driven a dumper before and suddenly you have a set of keys to a brand new one sat right in front of you - Whoop-whoop you shout as you jump in, floor it and go right through the neighbours fence and end up their pond, wrecking the dumper and causing £00's of damage to the fence and pond.

Ok, we jest slightly, but it can easily happen. Fortunately whenever you hire goods they will be accompanied with a full service certificate, confirming that they are indeed safe to use and also a leaflet containing full safe operating procedures - Find out more here.

If you still need a little more assistance check out our YouTube channel as we have numerous video tutorials on using a range of tools (an example can be seen below) and also our hand and power tools projects that provide "How-To" advice on a number of hand tools and power tools.

When using any tools or equipment you should always:

  • Wear protective eye wear or goggles
  • Wear sturdy protective gloves
  • Wear a face mask (when required e.g. when sanding imber, using solvents etc....)
  • Wear old clothes that you won't mind getting dirty or stained or even overalls or disposable suit
  • Don't wear any loose clothing or jewellery that could get entangled in any machinery
  • Wear suitable safety harnesses when working at height
  • When using ladders, ensure that they are secured at the base to prevent them sliping out
  • Wear protective headwear such as a hard hat
  • Wear ear defenders when using loud or noisy machinery
Tool hire excellence awards

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Tool hire excellence awards