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  • Over 90% of members resign every year
  • Your services will be advertised on TV, online and in Print in front of millions
  • Free sign writing for memebers
  • Get £50 of tools for free when your application is successful

By completing this form you are simply registering your interest in becoming a Checkatrade member and there is no commitment to join the scheme; you can change your mind at anytime and we promise we (and Checkatrade) will not hassle you to change your mind. We will add you to our monthly newsletter, but if you don't like it you can unsubscribe at anytime too.

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Why does DIY Doctor Recommend Checkatrade?

DIY Doctor are working with Checkatrade to provide reliable, local tradesman to our service. We feel that Checkatrade are the best organisation for both our users and tradesman, which is why we have opted to work with them. We have looked a lot of companies in this area so know all the pitfalls for tradesmen and consumers alike. Here are a few of the reasons we think that Checkatrade is such a good organisation to work with:

  1. They will never sell leads! Once you have subscribed you don't have to pay huge amounts to "leads" of dubious quality. People come directly to you
  2. There are no hidden costs. You pay your fee and then get the benefit of the service which they will help set up for you so you get the right sort of interest from real customers
  3. You get your own website where you can put all the reviews and feedback that you receive so that your customers can see how good you are
  4. They spend huge amounts on advertising so that you don't need to. This is what they are good at and they leave you to get on with what you're good at – looking after your customers
  5. Homeowners love the service – it is hassle free (for both you and them) and they manage all the checks and feedback so that you don't have to. They get millions of visitors looking for tradesmen every year

Checkatrade provide a really great service and that's why we are happy to recommend them to tradesman - remember that DIY Doctor is run by tradesmen, so we understand the benefits.

How Does it Work?

This is not lead generation where you buy leads and hope that they are not rubbish; it is a little different.

Checkatrade actually vet you themselves; they check your trading history, insurance, and will come out and interview you as they are one of the few organisations that actually make a recommendation rather than hide behind "users" ratings.

They do use users ratings but you don't post these up on their website – they do. And they check at least 30% of the feedback to ensure that it's genuine. What this means for you is that any rogue traders (if they actually get through the vetting) are weeded out fast – so consumers are confident about Checkatrade members and they keep coming back to you.

All your feedback is posted on to their website so this is a really useful tool to show your customers – it's impartial and uncensored feedback about you and your service, which is really powerful for winning over new and wavering customers.

Next Steps

Before you can qualify for your free £50 of tools from our shop you need to become registered as a Checkatrade tradesman. The process is simple:

  1. Fill out the form (above) with your details
  2. We will ask Checkatrade to call you to go through your application as part of the pre–screening process. They will arrange the interview and start the vetting process if you still want to proceed
  3. Checkatrade will help you through the vetting process and conduct a quick interview (which is nothing to worry about). If they require any more information from you they will speak to you about it
  4. Then you get accepted to become a Checkatrade member and start enjoying the benefits
  5. We then send you your £50 voucher to spend on anything you like from our shop

While it is great to get free tools, we do believe that Checkatrade is the ideal place for high quality tradesmen to promote themselves. If you would like more information about Checkatrade and the service that they can offer you have a look at their website.

We can only offer you your voucher for £50 of free tools if you sign up through our web form above (rather than directly with Checkatrade) so please go ahead and fill it out now!

Not so Small Print: When you become a recommended tradesman and registered Checkatrade member (confirmed to us by Checkatrade) we will provide you a £50 voucher to be used in our shop. The voucher will be valid for 6 month from date of issue (by email) and can only be used on a single purchase. You 1st application to become a Checkatrade member must be made through DIY Doctor. DIY Doctor reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without notice.

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