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Everbuild 710 Self Level Flexiplus 10Kg Tub

Want an adhesive, buy the 710 Self Level Flexiplus 10Kg Tub, made by Everbuild

Everbuild 710 Self Level Flexiplus 10Kg Tub

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Everbuild Self Level FLEXIPLUS is a latex modified cement based powder, which when mixed with water, can be used to level out uneven floors and screeds. Typical surfaces include concrete and screeding, existing ceramic tiles, asphalt, wood, brick, stone etc. This product is intended for use prior to laying ceramic tiles, thermoplastic tiles, lino, wood block flooring or carpet. SELF LEVEL FLEXIPLUS already contains powdered latex, eliminating the need for separate expensive latex liquids.  When mixed as directed, the compound provides a free flowing mix that sets in 90 minutes and can be overlaid after only 8 hours at normal temperatures... NOTE: This product is not suitable for use as a final wearing surface.

Enhanced flow properties coupled with long open time giving easy trowelling.
Fast setting - sets in 8 hours.
Up to 6mm in depth in one coat.
Protein (casein) free.
Internal/external use.

Areas for Use:
For levelling uneven subfloors prior to covering/tiling, without the need to use a separate latex additive

The product will not resist rising damp. In these conditions, use in conjunction with BLACKJACK D.P.M liquid dampproof membrane as directed. 

Note that setting time will be greatly increased when overlaying impervious surfaces and in cold weather.


0.5mm- 6mm

Setting Time

8 hours @20oC


10kg covers approximately 2m2 at 3mm (standard) depending on porosity of substrate


  • Always mix with clean fresh water and always-prime floors as directed.
  • The product will not resist rising damp. In these conditions, use in conjunction with BLACKJACK D.P.M liquid dampproof membrane as directed.
  • Never exceed the quantity of water stated. This will dramatically reduce strength and cause cracking.
  • Do not mix more compound than can be laid in 20 minutes and never try to reconstitute once the product has set.
  • On substrates where underfloor heating is in place, switch of the heating for 24 hours before and after application.
  • Do not use this product below 4oC.
  • As the manufacturer cannot know all the uses its products may be put to, it is the users responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, contact Technical Services Department.
  • Note that setting time will be greatly increased when overlaying impervious surfaces and in cold weather.


Surface Preparation

Floors to be treated must be free from grease, dust and loose particles. Always prepare floors by dampening with water then priming with Everbuild PVA Bond diluted 1 part PVA to 3 parts water to give a sound, slightly damp surface..


Suitable for interior floors only. Timber Floors must be securely screwed down at 300mm centers to eliminate movement. Apply EVERBUILD SBR BOND to the floor at a 1:1 dilution. Mix SELF LEVEL PLUS with water and apply to subfloor whilst the bonding coat is still tacky. Degrease and roughen up any glaze on existing tiling prior to laying this product.


Allow at least four weeks drying before application. Dampen floors and prime with EVERBUILD PVA diluted 1:3 with water. Mix with water as detailed below. For surfaces to be subjected to heavy foot traffic, use EVERBUILD LATEX MIX rather than water when mixing the powder.



20kg of SELF LEVEL FLEXIPLUS will require 4  litres of water. Always add the powder to water. This should be carried out by stepwise addition whilst stirring until a free flowing creamy compound is produced.  Pour the mixture out into the prepared floor and allow it to find its own level. Trowel down lightly to achieve an overall thickness not exceeding 6mm. Where further finishing is required, allow the surface to stiffen, usually ¾ to one hour after application, and lightly sprinkle with water and carefully trowel to produce a smooth appearance. Do not sprinkle excessive water or over trowel at this stage.

Additional layers, each not exceeding 6mm, may be applied to achieve the required depth. Prime with Everbuild PVA Bond diluted 1:3 with water between layers.

For areas where deep depressions occur, (greater than 6mm in depth up to 25mm) , Add 1 part of clean, dry sharp sand to 1 part Self Levelling Compound. The sand should be added after mixing powder with water. It is advisable to reduce the amount of mixing water before adding sand, and then top up with water to achieve the correct consistency. Note: the flow characteristics will be affected by addition of the sand. If the product starts to stiffen or set, DO NOT try to remix or add extra water. Alternatively use Everbuild Deepfill 750 for up to 50mm depth in one application. 


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