So you need a hammer and you’re not sure which one, or where to find the best one for the job. DIY Doctor can help!

All our hammers have been organised in the DIY Superstore so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

From the list below just click on the picture in any category you want to know more about. To help you chose we have a great demo video at the bottom of the page explaining what each type of hammer is for. There is even more information on which hammer you should use in our project about the different types of hammer and some hammer safety tips.

Hammers Typically Used for Woodworking

These are the types of hammer that you would typically use when you are working with wood or doing some sort of joinery project:

Hammers Typically Used on Stone, Masonry or Brickwork

These hammers are the ones that you would generally use if you have a project that involved hitting stone, masonry or some form of brickwork:

Hammers for Hitting Metal

These are the types of hammer that you would typically use if you are are going to hit or shape metal with a hammer:

Hammers for Specific Task or Specialist Projects

Mallets, Deadblow and Sledge Hammers

Hammers With Non-Metalic Heads

These are hammers that have non-metalic heads that are used to ensure that the surface being hit is not marked or damaged:

Video Explaining which Hammer you Should Use for Which Job:

The video will be coming very soon, but in the meantime here’s a video about how to use a saw effectively:

There is a huge variety of hammers to do a wide range of jobs and to work with all sorts of materials. It you get the right hammer it will make the job easier and ultimately you’ll get the job done faster and to a higher quality that you would normally be able to achieve. This is what we want to help you to do and therefore we have focused on providing you a range of hammers for all (or most!) of the jobs you might want to understand, and laying them out in an easy to find layout.

Not only are we trying to help you find the right hammer, first time. We also want to ensure that you get the right quality hammers. We have a saying, “Buy right, buy once”. If you get the right hammer that will last you, you’ll only need to buy it once and it will last and do the job you want it to do effectively. This is why we are working with the top quality manufacturers, like these ones:

  • Bahco
  • BlueSpot Tools
  • Britool
  • Edma
  • Emir
  • Estwing
  • Faithfull
  • Hultafors
  • And more…

We feel that these manufacturers will give you great quality and excellent value for money. “Trade quality tools at DIY Prices”.

If you have any feedback or comments about anything on our website please let us know and we will try to respond promptly. Please get in touch as we love to get your suggestions.

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