So there are a lot of different types of Vice out there, but choosing the right tool for the job is made easier by us. At DIY Doctor we believe that it doesn’t have to be overwhelming to find what you are looking for!

DIY Doctor’s tool experts have organised all the Vices that we sell into easy-to-see sections. This way you will be able to narrow down exactly what you want easily and quickly. But what if you’re not sure what vice that you need?

Vices for Specific Tasks or Trades

Here are the vices that are used by specific trades or for specific tasks. We have started off with table vices as these are the most useful vices for Home Improvement jobs:

Specialist and Multi-Purpose Vices

Here we list a range of more specialist vices in the DIY Superstore. You will find vices for a range of tasks:

Accessories and Spare Parts for Vices

In this section we list all the spare parts that you might need for your vice. Including parts that you might need to overhaul your vice and some accessories that will make it even more useful:

Video Explaining which Vice you Should Use for Which Job:

The video will be coming very soon, but in the meantime here’s a video about our DIY Superstore and what we are trying to achieve:

We aim to provide high quality and durable vices that are designed to last. We believe that the vices that we have selected for you fit the bill, and we would be happy to use these vices in our own workshop.

We choose affordable reliable tools from trusted manufacturers to to ensure that you get the right tools for the home improvement, DIY or hobby work you are doing.

These are the leading manufacturers of vices that we stock in our online store:

  • Britool
  • Faithfull
  • Priory
  • Record Irwin
  • Stanley

These manufacturers do provide excellent quality and amazing value for money. They are all trade-quality tools – and we give you DIY prices.

If you have any feedback or you have any suggestions about products we should feature – please let us know (by clicking this link) and we get back to as soon as we can.

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