Asbestos Test Kit

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The Asbestos Test Kit is the quick, safe and effective way to make sure that you are not dealing with Asbestos. A quick test will give you the peace of mind you need to proceed safely. Price Includes all delivery charges (both ways).

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The Asbestos Test Kit has been developed to enable a safe, simple and cost effective way of testing suspect material around your home or commercial property.

All the kits come with simple step-by-step instructions, HSE approved PPE, sample bags and pre-paid delivery to a UKAS approved laboratory.

If you have questions from time to time there is support from the qualified experienced customer service team:

0800 368 8849

All orders placed before 3pm (business days) are dispatched on the same day, samples results will usually be available by close of business the day they are received.

Benefits of the Asbestos Testing Kit:

These are the benefits of using a DIY Asbestos Testing Kit:

Same Day Dispatch:

If you order before 3pm we send your kit out the same day!

Step by step instructions:

All kits come with everything you need to take a sample along with an easy to follow step by step guide.


Cost of delivery is covered in our price and our pack includes prepaid return postage back to us!

UKAS Accredited Lab:

All samples are tested at a UKAS accredited lab dedicated to asbestos testing.

FAST Email Results:

Results are emailed to you within 24 hours from when received! No waiting around.

Asbestos FAQ:

Do I have asbestos in my home?
Asbestos was widely used in home construction from 1930 to around 2000, particularly from 1960 onwards. Houses/flats built around this time may contain asbestos materials. Properties built since the mid 80’s are unlikely to have asbestos in the fabric of the building and from 1990 extremely unlikely. Asbestos was outlawed in the UK in 1999.

Where is asbestos found in the home?
Asbestos was commonly used in many ways inside and outside of buildings:


Asbestos Cement (Water Tank)
Loose fill insulation (Loft)
AIB (Ceiling tiles, partition walls, panels in fire doors, around boilers)
Vinyl floor tiles
Textiles (Fire blankets)
Textured decorating coatings (Artex ceilings etc)


Asbestos Cement (Roof, panels, gutters and downpipes, flue pipes)
AIB (Soffits),
Is it safe to test asbestos suspected material?
Our kits are designed to enable you to safely take a sample from suspected material. They come with complete instructions and Personal Protective Equipment, which meets and exceeds HSE criteria. We do not recommend using our kits to test sprayed coatings, contaminated land or pipe lagging.

What can I test with this kit?

Our kit is designed to enable you to safely take samples from the following materials, to name but a few:

Textured coatings (Artex)
Corrugated cement roofs and asbestos sheets
Walls and boards
Thermoplastic floor tiles and their adhesive backings
Wall boards and HVAC lining panels
Soffit, fascia and rainwater goods
External cladding panels
Boiler flues and water tanks
And window sills to name but a few…

How much material do I need for a sample?

You only need to submit a small sample, we recommend material the size of a 20 pence piece per sample.

How long does it take for the results to come back?

Results are usually tested on the day they are received at the lab, usually the day after postage. Certificates will be emailed out the same day as results given.

What if the result is positive?

If the result comes back positive we can offer advice on how to proceed over the phone or put you in contact with a local asbestos removal company.

Is postage included?

All costs related to the kit and return of sample are included.

Further information about treatig Asbestos:

You can find further information about how to deal with asbestos in our project about Asbestos.

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