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This is the latest ground breaking innovation from Eco Solutions. The Grime Go Degreaser is absolutely ideal for preparing walls, skirting boards, architraves and frames of allkinds for decorating. It cuts through greasy finger prints to get the surface perfect for paintng every time. Itcomes in a 750ml Trigger Spray Bottle and is totally non toxic. There is also a 4 litre top up bottle available in the store. It is safe and very very effective. 

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Eco Solutions Grime Go is a fantastic degreaser  that is environmentally and hand friendly. This is the idealproduct for cleaning paintwork on walls and frames of every kind prior to decotrating. It custs straight through the natural build up of geasy fingerprints allowing the paint to look as good as possible. It comes in a handy 750ml trigger spray bottle and it fantastic for any of those tough clenaing job.

Grime Go! is unique. It has masses of different applications to tackle even the greaseiest and grimiest of jobs where ever they be from the workshop to the office, or the garage or anywhere at home. It is quick and effective, but it is also kind to your hands – there’s no need to where gloves and as there are no solvents it’s kind to your lungs too. 

The Technology Behind Go Grime:

It based on the unique Eco Solutions water-based formula which has been developed from their original world-leading innovative technology. This world leading technology developed here in the UK has been optimised to remove all types of grease, oil, dirt, stains and adhesive residues. It can also remove  the odd paint splash too.

Go Grime can be used for: 

  • preparing surfaces for re-painting
  • cleaning all sorts material from wood to PVC and metal
  • brighten almost any surface
  • All sorts of cleaning job inside and in confined spaces – there are no nasty fumes
  • where there are pets of children as it is safe

Go Grime is Ph neutral, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acids, alkalis and any hazardous solvents. Go Grime can be used indoors and out with no need to ventilate the work area. It’s so safe that it can can be used without gloves or a mask.

Also comes in a 4 litre jerry can container

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