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For a powerful and highly effective brush cleaner, there is no better product than Brush Renew from Eco Solutions. Its not soft, it simply effective at getting old and hardened brushes clean and back to ‘like new’. 

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If you are looking for a top quality brush cleaner then Brush Renew is perfect for the job. Not only does it revive old and paint hardened paint brushes, it does it without all the nasty chemicals that you normally associate with brush cleaners. What’s more if has been researched, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Quality brushes are expensive and can be easily ruined if allowed to harden, but they can be re-softened and brought back to life with Brush Renew formulated by Eco-Solutions from the most advanced, patented water-based technology using “science not solvents”.

Benefits of using Brush Renew

Brush Renew is an exceptional brush cleaner for a number of reasons:

  1. It works – Really well. We wont stock second rate products, and as you expect, this brush cleaner does an excellent job. No compromise, no excuses; it is up there with the best on the market, solvents or no solvents
  2. It’s safe – There are none of the powerful, toxic and hazardous chemicals that you would normally expect in a brush cleaner. It’s water based so it will not cause irritations or affect your skin and breathing. Please read the bottle for more details.
  3. It’s long lasting – there are no solvents to evaporate so it will not degrade with time. This brush cleaner will just keep on working.
  4. Wide range of uses – it’ll work on water based and solvent based paint brushes. If you have dirty or hardened brushes brush renew will clean them like new.

Product Features

  • Non hazardous – Restores to like new
  • Non toxic – “Tough not toxic”
  • No skin burns – No “R” (Risk) or “S” (Safety) phrases
  • Non caustic – Works on water-based & solvent based paints
  • Non flammable – Can be re-used time & time again
  • PH neutral –
  • Water-based – Minimal evaporation

Brush Renew Product Reviews

Brush Renew Endoesment by Professional Endorsement by Wayne de Wet, Multiple award winning decorator, Grand Winner Dulux Select Decorator 2011

Or see our very own review of Brush Renew by DIY Doctor.

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To ensure that you get the right tool for the job we have produced a handy video giving you run down on what this tool can do, check it out below: