EndoTherm Radiator Additive 500ml

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Endotherm is the central heating additive that can save you up to 15% on your heating. It easy to install – see the video – and you will typically get payback in 6-9 months!

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EndoTherm™ is a newly developed and safe energy saving central heating additive that has been independently proven (please see reports below) to deliver a 15% reduction in heating costs. This will give you a pay back within 6-9 months, or in your first winter – and it will keep on giving you those savings!

When people refer to saving energy costs, they are typically mean reducing their tariff, improving the insulation or trying to improve draft proofing to reduce energy loss. EndoTherm™ complements all of these efforts and tackles the heart of the problem – it makes your central heating system more efficient so that you get more heat for less fuel burnt. It is easier and cheaper alternative to most other energy saving measures and it is quick to install (Look at the Tool Check Video to see how it is done.)

The History of EndoTherm™:

EndoTherm™ has been delivering savings to both domestic and commercial properties for a number of years now it is fully tried and tested. EndoTherm™ has both independent accreditation and factual case study evidence to prove that it reduces heating costs whilst causing no adverse effects to heating systems. This evidence has been built up from use on thousands of Housing Association homes and from commercial properties. Now it has been released to non-commercial users so that you can start to enjoy the benefits that these organisations have been experiencing.

What’s Included:

1 x 500ml bottle of EndoTherm™

The benefits of EndoTherm™:

EndoTherm™ has a number of benefits

  • Proven to save up to 15% (and in some cases more)
  • Independently accredited
  • Non-corrosive – See the independent report (Link above)
  • Easy to install – see the video (click on the Right Tool Check link)
  • Suitable for any wet heating system
  • Engineered and manufactured in the UK
  • Fit once and it works for years
  • Get pay back in your first winter!

How EndoTherm™ Works:

EndoTherm™ when added to the bulk water in your heating system will greatly reduce the surface tension of the water. This changes the way bubbles form when the water is heated. No longer will the bubbles be large, lazy and obstructive as they flow through the system; instead they will be small, speedy and offer no obstruction accelerating the heat transfer from the boiler tube into the circulating liquid. The boiler does not need to work as hard to achieve and maintain the required temperature.

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