M17R Multi Function Rechargeable Torch Hard Case

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The M17R Multi Function Recharge Torch Hard Case is reliable and durable, as you’d expect with products manufactured by LED Lenser

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The LED Lenser® LED8317R M17R is a heavy-duty rechargeable large torch that is both supremely robust and highly-equipped. The M17R incorporates newly developed cutting-edge battery technology designed to take its rechargeable performance to a new level.

The M17R features the latest CREE® Xtreme LED light chip, the patented Ledlenser Advanced Focusing Optics for spot to flood beam lighting and Smart Light Technology™ – a clever micro-chip controller that enables a wide selection of lighting options. Two energy modes (Energy Saving, and Constant Current), four light programs (Low, Action, Signal, Defence), and eight light functions (Power, Low Power, Dim, Boost, Blink, S.O.S., Morse/Tactical Task, Defence Strobe) are all selectable via the embedded Smart Light Technology.

In addition to outstanding performance and practical lighting functions, the M17R incorporates a revolutionary new high-efficiency battery, the Safety Ytrion Battery®. This newly developed Lithium-ion phosphate rechargeable battery, is based on technology, up to now only found in electric cars, and provides faster charging, more charging cycles, very low self-discharge, and a wider temperature operating range. Alongside this new battery power cell, useful functions such as battery life display, residual time display, and charging indicator, are clearly illuminated via a 360° ten-stage power indicator dial.

The M17R really packs a powerful punch. Its 850 lumen output when combined with the Advanced Focusing Optics results in a light that will shine an amazing 450 metres. On the low power setting (120 Lumens), an incredible day and a half (36 hours) burn time, is easily achieved. It features the newly developed Fast Action Switch™ for instant light program selection, and the ingenious Floating Charge System PRO™ which provides a wear-free magnetic contact and easy fuss-free charging (no need to remove the battery for charging). The Ytrion battery can be fully charged in an astonishing 2.5 hours.

The M17R is the ideal choice for those that value energy-efficient, rechargeable, and long-lasting LED lighting, in tough and demanding working conditions. The M17R is supplied with a heavy-duty belt clip and charging cradle, packed in a bespoke durable case for storage and transportation.

The revolutionary new M17R heavy-duty rechargeable Xtreme torch is designed to deliver supreme illumination, reliability, and performance in any environment

Supplied with: 1 x Protective Case, 1 x Wall/Vehicle Mount, 1 x 360_ Hands-Free Belt Clip and 1 x Integrated Battery (Ytrion Cell).


Max Power: 850 Lumens.
Beam Distance: up to 450m.
Max Run Time: 36 hours.
Size: 300 x 53mm.
Weight: 740g.

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