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The Simply Build It Heavy-Duty Workbench Kit made by Simpson Strong-tie is a flexible and sturdy storage, shelving or workbench kit. You can make it quickly and without much experience. The kit has everything you need – just add timber!

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This is a new and really flexible idea from Simpson Strong-Tie for building a workbench for your workshop or shelving for your garage. It’s quick to build and doesn’t require any experience or serious carpentry skills.

There are very comprehensive instructions that come with the kit  which take you step by step through the construction of a sturdy work bench. You can follow the instructions or customise your design – check out the pictures for some great ideas.

The unique bracket design makes a very strong joint and pulls the timber tightly together at a 90 degree angle. For more information about how DIY Doctor build a work bench please have a look at our project on building a workbench or sturdy shelving unit for your garage or workshop.

Why we Love the Simpson Strongtie KWB1E Simply Build It DIY Utility Kit:

DIY Doctor really does love this kit. It’s well made by a great company with an excellent reputation in the construction industry. This is their first attempt to create products for the home build and DIY market and they have really done their homework. We love this work bench kit because:

1.  It’s quick and simple to build; in no time you can get your work bench built whatever your skill level.

2. It’s flexible; you can follow the instructions or you can design your own shelving or workbench to any height or length (it’s not recommended to exceed 1.8 metres).

3. It’s strong; This is a really sturdy storage or workbench solution. The Simpsons Strong-Tie engineers have recently determined that a 1200 x 600 workbench using 18mm plywood for the top shelf is capable of supporting 450kg at a 50mm point in the centre of the work bench. That’s pretty damn strong.

4. It looks great; It is ideal for a garage or workshop and the timber galvanised steel connectors look the part.

The Simply Build It DIY Utility Kit contains:

  • 8 x RTC24 Brackets
  • 200 x Self Drilling Screws (domed head)
  • 18 x Counter-sunk Screws

The tools that you will need to build your work bench or garage shelving are as follows:

If you are going to use untreated timber we also recommend that you sand the corners of the bench or shelves to reduce the likelihood of splinters. You can do this by hand using sandpaper and a sanding block or using a powered sander.

Another top tip is to ask the local builders or timber merchant if they will cut the timber to size for you with their industrial equipment – it’ll take them 2 minutes and save you a lot of hassle. Make sure you get the measurements right before you cut.

Have a look at the video and project where we used one of these kits to build a workbenches for ourselves. If you come to one of the shows where we present the Tricks of the Trade Theatre you will see it in action!

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To ensure that you get the right tool for the job we have produced a handy video giving you run down on what this tool can do, check it out below: