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Bio Fuel Gel Fire

A Built-in Inset Gel Fire from Firebox UK

What is a Gel Fire?

A Gel Fire is one of the most unique forms of heating and they have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They run on a form of alcohol fuel called Bio ethanol also known as biofuel, which is made by a fermentation process, from plant matter.

The fuel is eco friendly and burns away completely, leaving the container clean and clear of residue. It is very low in odour too so there is no cloying smell as it burns.

A gel fire has some advantages over its more traditional counterparts – the biggest of these being that it can pay for itself very quickly.

Ease of Installation

Many models can be wall mounted and can be hung as easily as a large picture. You must make sure it is secure on the wall – that the fixings are stable and that the unit cannot be pulled off the the wall by investigating children. See our Fixing to Masonry Project for help on how to do this.

Even if you opt for a built-in model like the one to the right, the fires do not need a chimney or flue – however care should be taken to ensure that there is adequate ventilation to the room to ensure there is sufficient oxygen in the room.

We would always recommend a Carbon Monoxide unit is used in any house with a gas, coal, wood or biofuel source of fuel as a safety measure to ensure that there are no problems with the efficiency of burning.

Other advantages include portability – they can be moved around the house (although NOT while they are burning), they can be moved outside and they can be easily taken with you if you move home. Because the gel fires burn smoke and fume free they are a great solution for additional heating in any area of your home.

Have you got a different form of heating you recommend? If so tell us about your heating experiences and what works best for you!

For more information visit the DIY Doctor Gel Fires and Fireplaces project

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