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Base Coat Plastering

Base Coat Plastering

Todays most popular project was Base coat Plastering:

Readers learn how to prepare a wall for plastering and cover with a strong plaster mix to make ready for the top coat or skim. The project contains images and simple instructions on how to master the plastering process.

Some of the feedback about this project is below:

20:51 03/06/2009
User Comments:
can l plaster to a painted wall or dob & dab
09:20 03/06/2009
User Comments:
i just like details & tools you have mentioned in that web page, that’s it.

The response to the first comment/question, is Yes, you can plaster onto a painted wall but first remove all loose and flaking paint and then paint the wall with two coats of construction strength PVA (See our project on PVA). The second coat should be slightly tacky when you plaster.

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