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DIY Doctor is right behind a Goverment initiative to save water here in the UK. Take a look at the following facts then click here
for a FREE water saving device you can fit in seconds to save yourself some money.

It’s estimated that Great Britain could save around 80 billion litres of water per year, if those showers with too high a flow rate were regulated in some way.

That’s the equivalent of saving the volume of:

  • 312,000 Olympic sized swimming pools
  • 25 Lake Windermeres (and how many bodies of water that size do we see in Great Britain?)

Heating just that wasted shower water generates as much as, or more than, 6 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

There is an answer and – as it’s a government initiative with the intention of reducing our country’s carbon footprint – its FREE.

eaga in conjunction with the government, are offering every eligible household in Great Britain a free Eaga ShowerSmart unit.

This unit regulates the water flow from mains fed showers, where the mains pressure generates a flow of greater than around 7.7 litres a minute, to that level and with less fluctuation.  Once fitted, which takes minutes, you won’t need to constantly nag everyone into turning the taps down, it is accomplished automatically.

Please, help us to make those savings, only around 0.3% of water globally is considered drinkable, it is a precious resource which we misuse at our peril.

All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and a few minutes of your time fitting the unit. Visit our eaga ShowerSmart website for more information and to apply for your unit, remembering that free links from sites such as DIY Doctor help to keep the costs of notifying the general public to a minimum – and hopefully more money left in the pot for future environmental projects.

Thank you.

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