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Could the days of mixing the two parts of glue together like our dads did be numbered?

DIY Doctor has, for a long time, promoted two-part adhesives. Over the years we have used hundreds of different adhesives for thousands of different jobs. For reliability and super strength we have returned to two-part araldite pretty much every time.

Then we received a sample of Araldite’s new product, Fusion Power Adhesive. It is a typical Araldite product in-so-much as it is a two-part adhesive, but unlike the others its all in one applicator. It mixes itself as you press down on the syringe type applicator and has the strength of every other Araldite product. The difference with this one is……It achieves that unbelievable strength in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Araldite sent us half a dozen tubes (It is a one-shot, throw away product) and we got so exited after we used the first one, we ended up with a briefcase stuck to a wall “Just to see if it would” !

It did.

It truly is the king of adhesives and we can only hope Araldite have plans to bring out a 6 or 10 shot dispenser. It is a little pricey at £3.00 per shot, but when you have finally managed to mend something that you have been trying to fix for months, you might come to the same conclusion as us…….It’s worth every penny!

As part of the launch of this “wonder adhesive” Araldite have launched a new game on their website…. You can click here to go to their site to find out a little more.

By the way – Araldite Fusion can now be purchased from Screwfix and Focus!!!

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