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DIY Doctor presented 15 demonstrations on skim plastering, repairing burst pipes, basic plumbing, How to use a DIY toolkit and DIY Comedy at the National Home Improvement Show at Earls Court last weekend.

Over 30,000 people wandered past the stand to watch and listen to advice from tradesmen on how to complete their DIY projects at home. The feedback was fantastic and as soon as the show was finished we were booked to appear again next year.

Big thanks to Chelmer Heating Services for standing in at the last minute and presenting 3 great seminars on Renewable Energy.  Take a look at their site here

As far as we can tell DIY Doctor is the only advice site which actually reaches out to it’s users to show them how to create DIY projects safely and to a professional finish. All the other “ME TOO” websites sit back, copy the DIY Doctor content and reword it. If there was a single tradesman amongst them, he would make himself known.

Plagiarism is a huge problem on the web. Content is taken from a hardworking site, run by professional people with integrity. The words are switched round and it is published on another site. Watch the content on DIY Doctor. WE publish a page and 10 minutes later 3 copycat sites have the same information on theirs.

We prove we can do the work we talk about by appearing on Radio, TV and at exhibitions in person…Others sit back drawing pretty pictures of jobs they wish they could do.  We wonder how many schools they were thrown out of for copying their classmate’s homework!

That’s my gripe for today. We showed again at the Home Improvement Show that DIY Doctor is real. Real Tradesmen giving real advice in real situations. Not wannabe pretenders with all the integrity of a Cowboy.

Take a look at the videos of the show here and see if you can spot “The Doctor”

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