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Having bought my first house last year with an ancient back-boiler in the lounge, I am over the moon to hear about the new boiler scrappage scheme which has now been officially announced.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, upto 125,000 households in England with working ‘G-rated’ boilers are eligible to apply for a £400 voucher off the price off a new ‘A-rated’ boiler or renewable heating system.

I’ve checked the details and there doesn’t seem to be a catch!
Firstly, you need to find out if your boiler is ‘G-rated’ – a quick test for gas boilers is to see if it has a permanent pilot light – if it has, it is highly likely to be G-rated. Also, if it is over fifteen years old and gas fired then it is likely to be G-rated. If it is oil fired and over twenty five years old, it is also likely to be eligible. If you are still unsure and know the boiler make and model, you can check the Government Boiler Efficiency Database on the Energy Saving Trust website.

Once you are sure the boiler is G-rated, you need to arrange for your nominated installer to visit, provide you with a quote and then register an interest in the scheme by emailing or phoning the Energy Saving Trust.

You will need to supply them with your full name, address, make and name of boiler to be scrapped, the company name and contact details of the installer carrying out the work, the type of replacement boiler, and confirmation that you have received a quote.

Vouchers are being issued from the 18th January, and you will receive your voucher about ten days after application. The vouchers are valid for 12 weeks. Once you have received your voucher, you can proceed with the installation. You have to pay for the new boiler and installation upfront, then claim back the £400 by sending the voucher and invoice to the EST. Payment is then issued to you within 25 working days of receipt of this.

Doesn’t sound too complicated, and the potential savings of an average household’s energy bill could be between £200 and £235 a year. Great news!

For more detailed information take a look at the Energy Saving Trust website

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