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A few weeks ago we published a post about the fact that many of our users have been exasperated by the smell coming from one of the paints produced by Crown…..Our Forum has thousands of views for a topic called “This paint stinks” .

We have been monitoring the problem quite closely and we have been able to organise a little research of our own using some scientific friends from universities.

There is a possibility that the water used to make the paint still contained bacteria (hence the “bugged” title!) and it’s the bacteria feeding off of the resin in the paint that creates the hydrogen sulphide smell!! Usually all impurities in the water are neutralised but it is entirely possible the process did not work for at least one batch of paint.

This we are told, would explain, or at least be a possible explanation, of why some of this paint stinks to high heaven.

If you have been experiencing the above issues we have also been informed that if the paint is left to dry out completely then the bacteria should have nothing to feed off of.

We have told Crown of our research and hope to hear from them soon. In the meantime if anyone out there has any evidence which will either corroborate or discount this hypothesis, we would be pleased to hear.

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