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A state of emergency has been called in Mexico after an earthquake measuring 7.2 rocked the country yesterday. Seismologists have said that the earthquake would have been felt by over 20 million people and the aftershocks will continue for days.

According to the US Geological Survey the quake hit the Mexican peninsular of Baja, California and has sent tremors as far as Nevada.

Government initiatives have been very successful in increasing the housing market in Mexico since early 2008. The growth in this market has been gradual, especially in the low and middle income groups. The earthquake will be an even bigger blow at an economic level. DIY is not a big pass-time in Mexico and most building work is contracted.

Companies such as Home Depot, and Todofacil has increased the affordability and availability of power and hand tools. These tools are being bought more and more in an effort to save costs on home maintenance. The public have been encouraged to make the most minor repairs to their homes wherever possible.

Construction repair costs are estimated to be millions of dollars with at least one Multi-Storey car park having been laid low by the quake. Construction Companies will be tied up for weeks and labour hard to find one Government Agency said. The important thing however is the people and although two deaths have been reported in Mexicali there does not seem to have been the loss of life that may have been expected.

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