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According to some new research, up to £590 million of damage is caused to homes in Britain each year by tradesmen.

This research from Sainsbury’s Home Insurance reports that one in five tradesmen are estimated to be working without any public liability insurance. This means that £118 million of this damage may not be covered by insurance. The research indicates that while up to 25 million British adults have employed a tradesman to carry out work in their home in the last five years, only 16% (4 million) of these people asked for evidence of public liability cover from the person they were employing in advance of them carrying out the work. The research also suggests that of the 84% that didn’t ask or couldn’t remember doing so, nearly one in five (19%) said they didn’t ask for evidence of insurance because they didn’t know about the cover.

The British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) has called for public liability insurance to be made compulsory. While it remains optional, however, Sainsbury’s Home Insurance is warning homeowners of the need to ensure the tradesmen they employ are adequately covered before allowing them to commence work.

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