DIY Doctor has featured in the Sunday Times and we’ve been voted one of Britain’s top ten websites in the Gaurdian. We have had articles published about us in every daily newspaper except the Express and we have been on BBC Television and Radio programs all over the UK. Without doubt we are the top DIY information resource.

Now we find we are being used to highlight the effect of DIY on the National Economy and we could not be more proud!

A full length feature in the Financial Times House and Home supplement, on the effects of DIY as part of the work/life balance, shows DIY Doctor to be a leading light for DIY enthusiasts.

The article, featuring one of our most prolific users, is on the front page of the supplement and can be seen in its entirety on the Financial Times website. See FT weekend on April 3rd 2010.

As we grow from strength to strength we have to admit to being very proud of our latest achievement.

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