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Over the last few months DIY Doctor has been monitoring several hundreds of posts on our Forum which have identified a problem with some Crown paint which seems to smell rather badly when the weather is a little warm.

DIY Doctor has been discussing the problem with Crown (on our users behalf) via a PR agency which Crown use.

Yesterday morning the Customer Sales Director (Geraldine Huxley) from Crown telephoned DIY Doctor to explain just how Crown were dealing with this problem. You can see the results of this conversation here

We understand from many of our users, and from Crown themselves, that they (Crown) have been very proactive in dealing with this issue. This can be seen from many of the posts in this section of the forum. We thank them for that.

As yet the issue remains unsolved and, although many suggestions have been offered as to dealing with the effect of the smelly paint, Crown have yet to get to the cause.

DIY Doctor has been invited to (and has accepted) the Crown Laboratories where many experiments are being carried out to identify the nature of this problem. Rest assured we will keep you informed.

Take a look at the forum for a full update on this problem.

Mike Edwards

Business Development Director

DIY Doctor Ltd

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