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An American Company, Tri-Energy have cashed in on the latest world-wide energy crisis band wagon. Using what is known as a “Ponzi-Scheme” (Similar to a pyramid scheme) they have reeled in investors by the gullible bucket load to hand over money which was purported to be used in opening and refurbishing coal mines laden with riches.

Tri-Energy in fact only had two mines, neither of which was capable of producing enough coal to even begin to return investments.

Using a series on “Millionaire Mind” seminars, Tri Energy and its directors took investors money promising big returns. Using a scheme first used to dramatic effect by Italian swindler Charles Ponzi in 1920, they collected millions from investors. Once a certain number of investors had deposited money, the first investors were paid out dividends. The “dividends” however came from the money later investors had put in. As more investors were duped, so the next on the list got paid out….Obviously a scheme which could not last for ever but certainly one which could pull in many millions for the first investors on the list…..The Directors of Tri-Energy Ltd.

The message here for DIY Doctor users is to be very careful about the thousands of investment schemes which will crop up in and around election time. All parties want to use energy as a political draw. All will claim an investment in the future. As a result of this there will be companies springing up all over the UK to take advantage of the incentives successive governments give to companies combating the huge UK energy demand.

Some of these companies (as history shows) will actually help, with inventions like the energy saving light bulbs.  Most however will just be skeleton companies who grab the grants and disappear. If you get6 offered a chance to invest in the new world of energy savings, please make your own savings safe first.

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