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Filming of an episode of BBC One’s DIY SOS has had to be postponed because of the current volcanic ash cloud.

The programme was due to start filming in Chippenham, Wiltshire on Monday, but two of the shows presenters are stuck abroad and unable to fly home in time to start filming. A spokesman for the programme said 

“Both of our presenters are stuck abroad – one in Dubai and one in Mauritius so we were not able to start work in Chippenham today. We have had to postpone filming for a week in the hope that they will be available then.”

Work will now start next Monday (26th) on the home improvements needed to enable a local Chippenham teenager to leave hospital. The improvements include a new downstairs bedroom and wet room for seventeen year old Jay Ryles-Jenkins, who has been in hospital for over a year recovering from a brain injury.

The shows spokesman said “Because nobody knows when they will be able to get back we are looking into getting back-up presenters in just in case. The weekend has been spent frantically trying to sort something out.”

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