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Over the next twelve months, 39% of Britons are planning home improvements. But many people are hoping to do the work themselves in an attempt to save money, instead of hiring a professional, according to new research from Santander Insurance UK.

But this could prove more costly and dangerous, as 14%  of those carrying out DIY home improvements will cause damage averaging £344 each. This totals £331 million in damages as a nation.

The research found that of the people planning to make home improvements this year, up to 72% will do the work themselves to cut costs, despite 52% of them not feeling confident in knowing how to go about a simple project such as unblocking a drain.

Cheif Executive of Santander Insuarance UK, Miguel Sard, said “This is traditionally the season when homeowners would take time out to beautify their home or make essential repairs. In the past it may have been more efficient and easier to hire help to get these jobs done, but with budgets across the country being squeezed, homeowners are instead attempting to do the work themselves”

“While it might be understandable to tackle such things as landscaping the garden or constructing a kitchen unit, when it comes to the electrics of the house or major construction work, it is just not worth taking the risks. Get it done professionally.”

While women are less likely to tackle home DIY projects themselves, they are  more likely to cause damage than men, totting up an average bill of £1,993 each. However, the most destructive group to attempt DIY and fail are 18 to 34 year olds who, despite being less likely to tackle a job themselves, those that do cause the most damage and foot a bill of an above average £2,497 each.

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