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A new report published has said that the internet gardening market could double to £300m by 2014.

The report is the new AMA Internet Garden Products Market UK 2010-2014 report, and comprises a detailed study of the developing online garden products market and analyses current trends by product sector. It reviews recent market trends and forecasts over the next few years for both specialist garden e-tailers and non-specialists in this market.
The Internet garden products market has experienced strong growth over the last 5 years as increasing numbers of consumers gain access to the Internet and confidence to shop online.

An AMA representative said: “In 2009, 70% of households in the UK have Internet access, an increase of 28% compared to 2006. Increasing numbers of consumers are purchasing online, with garden products a growth area — particularly as older age groups become more comfortable with online purchasing”.       

The internet garden products market is estimated to be worth around £160 million at retail prices in 2009, a 28% increase on the previous year. This market estimate includes a mix of both specialist e-tailers — which primarily sell garden products and use the Internet as their main distribution channel — and non-specialists which offer garden products online but this does not represent their main distribution channel. Key ‘non-specialists’ include Argos, DIY Multiples, mail order companies, Screwfix etc.

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