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The house at the back of my garden has recently built a wall all the way across the back of my garden which is made from gravel boards and posts. I am really concerned about this as it may be 6 foot on his side however my garden is lower than his and I think this stands nearly 7 foot on mine.
I wanted to create a play area for my little girl at the end of the garden but I m really worried that this is totally unsafe. The concrete walls stand high and the slabs are not alined and also at the highest point on the 3rd section it doesnt look like the boards are sat in their posts. When this wall was being built I also watched 3 guys put this together and it was clear that they was only sinking the posts approx 1 foot into the ground.

My question is does anyone thinkg this is safe and who can I contact for someone to inspect this? Anyone please help, many thanks

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