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Tesco have launched a range of large self-assembly log cabins, including the Finnlife Helsinki cabin which costs £9999 (earning customers a massive 19,998 Clubcard points!)

Manufactured from high grade scandinavian whitewood, the Helsinki log cabin has 5 rooms and a handy upstairs storage area. It is made from 44mm thick tongue and groove boards which slot together. The 32ft by 16ft 10ins building is topped off with eight double-glazed windows, French doors and a felt shingle roof. There is a terrace decking area and it can even be upgraded to include a guttering kit, laminate flooring and even underfloor heating.

The company’s website warns ‘Prior to purchase check whether planning permission and building regulations approval may be required.’

It is only available from the company’s website, with an additional £5 charge for delivery. It comes with a step by step manual including a list of tools required including a ladder, saw, screwdriver, mallet and tape measure. It states: ‘No specialist skills are required. Anyone can build a Finnlife log cabin although some tasks may require more than one pair of hands……Construction times will vary depending on your skills and the number of people helping you.’

It also suggests ‘it should be built on foundations of concrete or compressed gravel.’

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