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Yesterday saw a pretty scathing report from Mary Portas on her own experience of a visit to a Homebase store. Portas, who is a retail adviser, journalist and television presenter, was writing  in the Telegraph in a series of regular reviews she does on retail outlets.

She praised their selection of DIY equipment, but criticised their service and specialism and the overall experience of shopping in a Homebase.

Her verdict?

‘Most people still have no idea how to ‘do it themselves’. Customers need a helping hand. There were a few ‘how to’ guides around the shop but, apart from the cheery Luke, Homebase lacks the most crucial ingredient in its retail sector: knowledgeable staff. In a giant DIY shop, I want to talk to a hairy builder who’ll teach me how to lay a wooden floor. I yearn for a paint-smeared type to guide me through the tortuous process of choosing paint colour and wallpaper. If I were you, Terry (Terry Duddy is Homebase’s cheif executive), I’d cut back on the money you’ve spent luring people into the shops with discounts and use some of it to reward them with specialist advice. Skeletal leaves aside, you have some decent product here, but I think most customers would like it to be supported by a more inspiring environment and top-notch service. DIY should apply to the stuff you do at home, not the experience in-store.’

To read the article click on this link

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