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DIY Doctor would like to draw your attention to a new project page called ‘How to Save On Your Heating Bill’ which is brought to you by Scottish and Southern Energy.

As has been discussed on the Blog before, one way to reduce costs is to invest in a new A-rated boiler. If you currently have a G-rated boiler (and if it is over 15 years old, it quite possibly is), it may only be converting 72% of it’s fuel into heat. What a waste! In fact a new boiler could save you as much as £235 a year off your bill.

Then there is the environmental effect. If everyone in the UK installed a new A-rated gas boiler, the saved energy compared to a G-rated boiler would be enough energy to heat 3.7 million homes for a year.

If you are looking to replace your old boiler soon, Southern Electric are offering a great deal at the moment. For a limited period, the company are giving customers the opportunity to scrap their G-rated boiler for a new A-rated boiler and get £400 off the bill. They are also offering two year’s free gas boiler and central heating protection, worth £405 when you sign up!

For more information take a look at their project page.

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