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Yesterday’s Sunday Mirror appears to have corrected their major blunder of calling Craig Phillips the ‘DIY Doctor’, and after the telephone conversation and apology last week from Ryobi Tools, the Sunday Mirror have now changed the name of the column to ‘Craig Phillips is ……Dr DIY’. Not the most imaginative name change, but a change nevertheless!

Unfortunately, the article did not include the requested statement clarifying to readers of the Sunday Mirror that Mr Phillips is not and never has been anything to do with DIY Doctor Ltd. We will continue to pursue this request.

We find it quite unbelievable that Companies like the Sunday Mirror and Ryobi need to resort to passing themselves off as bigger and better organisations without taking any time, or showing any initiative, in coming up with something original.

Even in the very first seminar of the very first year of a college or university course in Marketing, students are taught to look for unique selling points or points of difference.  Sunday Mirror, Craig Phillips and Ryobi are content it seems, to be just ME TOO companies and muddle their way through coming second (at best) in everything they do.

Research is quite obviously beyond them !

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