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Women are taking on a more equal share when it comes to home improvements according to one of the experts who will be appearing at the National Home Improvement Show.

Julia Kendell, presenter on DIY SOS and interior designer, says

“Women are natural DIYer’s due to their ability to multi-task and have a more patient and practical approach to problems than men. Not to mention that women are more likely to read instructions carefully and ask for help if it is required!

“The stereotypical line between home improvement ability and the type of tasks each sex traditionally would complete have become much more blurred and many projects now are more of collaboration between men and women.”

A recent survey showed that 67%  of women are actively completeing their own home improvements and nine out of ten women now own their own power tools.

Julia has come up with a few pointers for those women who might be new to DIY:

  •  Find tools you feel comfortable using. There are special ranges of tools specifically made for women in terms of both ergonomics and look.
  • Measure twice and cut once.
  • Practice makes perfect – get your hands dirty; try a smaller job to build your confidence before you tackle a bigger one.
  • Ask an expert first or even better still find a mentor who can take you through tasks or provide help on a job as you go along.
  • Take a course. There are a number of different courses offered by community centres and private companies. DIY Doctor also offers a host of projects online.

The National Home Improvement Show is offering Tricks of the Trade practical demonstrations, hosted by DIY Doctor .

You can visit Julia Kendell at the Real Homes Live Theatre at the National Home Improvement Show, and she will also be available for one to one Ask the Expert sessions.

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