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Hi folks,

I don’t often get the chance to speak personally in the blog but I’ve been asked by my Managers to make a few comments about the new schedule of events which is happening at DIY Doctor in the following months.

Starting at The National Home Improvement Show (1st October at Earls Court) we will be showing our users just how important it is to practice building skills before they launch a huge DIY programme in their own house.

We get thousands of emails asking how to get out of hundreds of problems such as “My trowel is stuck on my ceiling because the plaster went hard”……………..Most of the time there is no sensible answer other than; “Start all over again, but this time practice the job somewhere where you are not going to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage!

No tradesman I employ could walk into your office and do your job without some kind of training, but it seems everyone believes they can build a wall or plaster a ceiling simply by watching a DIY SOS programme on the telly.

Here’s the truth: You can’t. At least not safely and probably not beautifully either!

At DIY Doctor, on our test building site, we are embarking on a 60 day programme to show you how to construct your own practice area for as little money as possible. We will then show you, in a series of videos, how to practice the most common jobs to ensure a great finish when you do them for real.

The series will be published on the website and in a new DIY Doctor book.

The videos will not only show you how to do stuff, but how not to do it also. We will explain why things are done the way they are in the interests of your home and bit by bit we will build you a living record of how your house works.

From digging a foundation, to turning on a light switch: Why things happen the way they do and how to stop them from letting you down!

Keep your feedback coming, it’s the only real way we can work out exactly what you would like from us.

Mike Edwards

Business Development Director

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