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With Autumn here and the weather getting chillier, there are a few jobs to do before the cold weather really sets in.

  • Try to finish any outside decorating, and any cement work which can be affected by frost should be done before temperatures drop.
  • Clear leaves and any other debris from drains and guttering. Repair any leaking downpipes or gutters.
  • Clean patios and paths before they get slippery.
  • Make sure any exterior lights are working.
  • Get a competent, registered tradesman to service your boiler – don’t wait until it is really cold to discover that it’s not working!
  • Check all pipework in your loft is insulated.
  • Check all doors and windows are draughtproofed.
  • If your home suffers from condensation, this can be greatly reduced by making sure rooms are well ventilated. This can be helped by fitting trickle vents and extractor fans where appropriate.

We also have our very own project covering points and things to look at to ensure that your home is ready for the autumn period and more importantly the coming winter months, check it out here and get your home prepared now

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