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This weeks episode of The Apprentice saw the teams having to choose innovative products to pitch to the trade – which included Wolseley, Rowlands Home Hardware and B&Q.

One the teams, Team Synergy, chose an eco showerhead and a garden tool. They then proceeded to try to get orders for their items from retailers, with varying success. Wolseley weren’t interested, Rowlands Home Hardware placed an order for £12,000 and B&Q placed an enormous order for £63,000!

Although reported in, the team had a bit of a problem with their maths at Rowlands Home Hardware! Manager Adrian Winnicott explained that

‘When the lad came to fill out the order book, part of the order was 1,000 showerheads at £10 each. He turned to the girl with him and asked what 10 times 1,000 was! And her answer was £1,000! So actually, they sold them to us for £1 each, which Alan Sugar didn’t pick up on.’

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