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DIY Doctor thoroughly enjoyed working at this years National Home Improvement Show and presenting on the ‘Tricks of the Trade’ stage. It was the second year of working with Centaur Media Plc, who organise the event, and this is what Richard Milbourn, their Event Director, had to say about us –

“The National Home Improvement Show has been working very closely with Mike Edwards and DIY Doctor over the last two years and the sheer power and effectiveness of the DIY Doctor brand and website never ceases to amaze me. 

Whenever there is a story on their website, our registrations and feedback shoot up and if I had a home improvement product, DIY Doctor would be my first port of call for promoting it! It is also very refreshing to come across a company where the people really understand the practical issues they are writing about. This is best exemplified at the Show where, even when competing with seminars by celebrities from television such as Julia Kendall and Charlie Luxton, the DIY Doctor presentations are absolutely packed and one of the most popular features of the National Home Improvement Show.”

Thank you Richard, and we look forward to working with you again soon!

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