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Fewer than 46% of homes in Britain have even the most basic security measures fitted such as extra window and door locks, only 35% of homes have door chains and spy holes and only a third of homes have security lights.

Yet the security market is set to reach £100m by the end of 2010, according to Mintel forcasts. Intruder alarms make up the majority of consumer spending at £59m, with £39m spent on window and door security.

Mintel senior retail analyst Jane Westgarth said: “Consumer caution pays off, as there is a far lower risk of burglary for those homes that take sensible steps to improve their security. Yet despite high awareness of the risk of burglaries, our research finds that no one type of burglary prevention equipment is owned by more than half of the population, illustrating the untapped potential in the home security market as a whole.

“As the economy recovers and the housing market picks up, spending on home security products is likely to benefit. The ageing population, the rise in the number of people living in flats, the increased affordability of electronic equipment, and the increasing use of remote items that do not require wiring into a home are all positive signs for development.”

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