An article on DIY Doctor’s free ‘Desired Outcome Building Contract’ has been published in this week’s ‘Somerset Standard’ newspaper:


It explains how the contract sets out to help homeowners and builders to ‘bridge the communication gap’, and ‘save time and reduce the potential for setbacks and unforeseen costs’.

As Mike Edwards, Business Development Director at DIY Doctor Ltd, says

“The majority of builders and tradespeople are honest operators who price their work fairly; a good contract should protect them as much as it protects the homeowner.

However, there are any number of unscrupulous rogue traders out there that will not think twice about landing a job by offering a very cheap price – and then spend the next week dreaming up a list of extras, or additional, unforeseen problems for which they will charge an arm and leg to overcome.”

He goes on to say “By setting things out clearly from the start, there’s a far better chance that the end result will be successful for both the builder and customer.

“Anyone who has a builder lined up for a job who is unwilling to sign a contract it’s better to steer clear.”

The ‘Desired Outcome Building Contract’ is recommended for use by homeowners with domestic projects not exceeding £75,000 in value, where no architect, building surveyor or consultant is being employed to oversee and advise.

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