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An article in today’s Daily Mirror says that we are losing DIY skills because ‘technosexual men prefer to learn how to fix a PC than change a plug’.

The article by Krissy Storrar goes on to say ‘If interest in home improvement keeps falling, 20% fewer men will know basic handy-man skills by 2030 and DIY will be unknown by 2048.’

This all follows on from recent reports that under 35’s are severely lacking DIY skills, with many still being reliant on parents to carry out some basic tasks. As reported last year on this blog, a report from Halifax Home Insurance showed that in the under 35’s age group, 50% couldn’t wire a plug, 63% couldn’t hang wallpaper and 54% couldn’t bleed a radiator.

According to Tom Stringer of AA Home Rescue “The 21st century man is keener to show his manliness through his ability to grasp ­technology than a power tool.”

There are lots of courses around the country where you can learn DIY skills, so even if your mum or dad never passed on those valuable lessons to you, there is still hope!

But if those skills are definately beyond you, there is no shame in getting in a professional! It might even save you money in the long-run! To receive up to 3 free, no obligation quotes from reliable tradesmen in your local area, go to our Find a Tradesman page and fill in the form.

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